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Noir Hamlet Headed to Edinburgh Fringe Festival!


John Minigan’s Noir Hamlet is headed to Edinburgh Fringe Fest this August! Paul is thrilled to have this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to perform this show for audiences from around the world.

“Passion, jealousy, and murder never got so many laughs! John Minigan's new and wild reimagining of the Shakespeare classic has more twists than a gallows necktie. Hamlet is a wise-cracking private eye, his pal Horatio is now a complicated gal Friday named Rae Chio and the rotten state of Denmark is transformed into the City of Angels circa 1949. Mix equal parts of the Bard, Bogart and Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and shake vigorously. Boston Globe Critics' Pick! Edge Media's Best of Boston Theatre 2018!” — Fringe Fest website

Going to be in Europe in August? Get your tickets here!